Youtube vs Blogging, Which Is Better to Make Money Online

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First of all, a lot of people do not even know that we can earn money online through the internet sitting in the house. And those who have recently figured out or have been there for some time, the question is in their mind is that’s true? So the answer is yes. Youtube or Blogging, Is the Best way to Make Money Online and make their own future.

Because these two methods are the most used to earn money online. So if you too are troubled by both Youtube vs Blogging and cannot choose which one should you choose. So we can tell you which is best for you. Read the full post to know that

Because in today’s post we are going to give full details about this. Which will help you to get the best Platform from Youtube vs Blogging?

Here it is very important for you to know that you will not become rich over Youtube or Blogging overnight. Because there is no such method on the internet and those who have earned thousands of millions of rupees from Youtube or Blogging have also waited and waited for a long time, then it is going to reach that stage.

It is important to tell you this fact because the journey to earn money online is very long. It is not that you have created a Youtube Channel or Blog today and started earning money by tomorrow, so, first of all, you need to know about these two well Let’s understand Youtube vs Blogging in detail.

YouTube vs Blogging which one is Better

These two great ways to make money online are Blogging and Youtube. You can earn thousands of millions of dollars every month. But some people are worried about Youtube or Blogging. Start Youtube Channel or start blogging. So we have brought you a complete analysis.

First of all, you should have complete knowledge of Blog and Youtube if you know it is a good thing and if you do not know then definitely read the above article.

Youtube vs Blogging Find Your interested

First of all, you like to write or you want to make a video. Because as we told you it is a long journey on which you have to work without earning money

It is not determined how much time it can take to make money. So choose from Youtube vs Blogging, which will bring you fun and pleasure so that you can work for a long time and achieve success.

Do not just think that you can make more money because earning money from Youtube and Blogging relies entirely on your work as much as you do in a better way. You get success as soon as possible.

YouTube vs Blogging Requirements

After choosing one of Youtube vs Blog. The next thing is what you need to do to start your online journey.

Youtube Channel Requirments

By the way, you can make your Youtube Channel free with the help of Gmail Account. But you need a lot of things to run Youtube Channel and to make it successful.


You must have a camera to make a Youtube video if you have a Smartphone and its camera is good so you can use it.

2. Talk With Camera

You should talk to the camera to create a relationship with your Subscriber.

3. Lighting setup

Lightening in the Youtube video is absolutely true when you record videos in a closed room so that the quality of your video looks good or you can record videos in the outdoor.

4. Voice Quality

It’s very important for you to have a good voice quality in Youtube video, so you need a Mic.

5. Video Editing

It is also important to have knowledge of Video Editing so that you keep your audition in the video, so you should have knowledge of Video editing.

6. Youtube SEO

You should have knowledge of Youtube Seo to reach your videos as much as possible and to rank in Youtube Search Engine.

Blogging Requirments

If you have decided to blogging, then you have to have some things to do in blogging by creating a blog.

WordPress vs Blogger Plateform

By the way, you can start your blogging career by creating a free blog like Youtube, but it is very difficult to get a successful blog by making a free blog today, so you have to use Paid platform like WordPress for which you have to buy Web Hosting.


If you use the Blogger Platform, you get the sub-domain along with it, but if you use Paid Platform, you have to buy a Domain Name separately.

Article Writing Skill

To earn money from a blog, you have to write an article and this article is written by you because you can not copy-paste any other article so you should come to write an article.

To make money from any blog, it is very important to have traffic on that blog and to get traffic to your blog, you must have knowledge of SEO ie Search Engine Optimization.

Youtube vs Blogging earning Source

There are lots of ways to earn money through Youtube and Blogging, one of which is the same thing in both Google Adsense, for that you have to Monetize your Youtube Channel and Blog from Google Adsense, so let’s know.

Youtube earning Source

1.Google Adsense

The most common way to earn money from your Youtube Channel is that of Google Adsense, you have to complete 1,000 Subscriber and 4,000 Hour Watch Time on your Youtube Channel, after which you will earn money from Youtube Channel. And this Youtube Policy updates from time to time.

2. Sponsorships/Review

When good views on your Youtube Channel begin to appear and thousands of subscribers are on your channel, then you start getting Sponsorship, which you can earn many times more than Google advertising.

3. Affiliate Marketing

You also through Affiliate Marketing Can Make Money From Youtube channel also a great way too many ways but to go get money from Youtube channel is commonly used these methods.

Blogging earning Source

There are also many ways to make money from blogging, but blogging is a lesser source of money than you would like

1. Google Adsense

The way to earn money from a blog is Google Adsense, for which you have to get your blog Google Adsense Approval after which you can make money by placing Google ads on your blog.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing from the blog is beneficial compared to Youtube, and from here you also earn more Affiliate Commission.

3. Sponsors Post

Compared to YouTube, it is very difficult to find Sponsors posts for blogs, while you get more sponsorships on the Youtube channel, there are more ways to earn money from blogs like this.

Youtube vs Blogging Earning Comparison

Now the question comes out that Youtube vs Blogging is one of the two which you can earn from as the main medium of earning money is Google Adsense, so this depends on the traffic coming to your Youtube and Blog because the more traffic comes The more you find you earn.

But on Youtube, you get more money to click on Google ads, you can think of this if you have 5 thousand views on Youtube Video, you can earn up to $ 3- $ 10.

But if this traffic comes to your blog of 5000, then you can earn up to $ 10- $ 20, the main reason for this is CPC which gets you more on the blog than Youtube.

Youtube vs Blogging Name and Fame

There are a lot of people who want to earn their name along with earning money and both of these platforms do this for you, because if you get involved with so many people then chances of your fame also increase.

Compared to Blogging, today you can make a very long introduction between Youtube and Blogging between people and people can get familiarized with the world of the Internet.

Because most people like to watch the video instead of reading the article and you are in the video yourself, which adds Face to Face to your views, so you can easily earn a name along with Fame on Youtube.

Youtube vs Blogging Easy to Success

Now finally the matter goes here that we can get success on any of both Youtube vs Blogging , however it depends entirely on your work and skill.

But if you do things today, it is easier to get success on Youtube than blogging, because according to Youtube Algorithm, Youtube Video can be viral anytime, while in blogging it is not so.

Because to make a blog and to bring its article/post to the search engine, it becomes very important for you to know about SEO because the search engine is the only medium of traffic lane on the blog, and it will take 3 to 8 month

Even if you have a basic knowledge of Youtube SEO, your Youtube video gets viral and Youtube also takes a number of steps to promote your new Creator.

Youtube vs Blogging Both !

Yes, it is absolutely right that you can both do Youtube vs Blogging simultaneously but as we said in the beginning, to earn money from Youtube vs Blogging, you have to work for a long time only if you earn money.

If you both do the same together and if you do not earn money, then you become demotivate and you feel that you can not earn money from the internet, so, first of all, you work on a platform that you make some money.

Friends, now you might have realized that some of the big platforms from Youtube vs Blogging will be good for you and because if you choose the right platform once the opportunities for your success are increased.

You can choose both If you have confidence in yourself. but if you choose a platform at a time when you can put your all focus on that platform and if you choose the right platform once the opportunities for your success are increased.

I think now you can understand what is best for you and what you have to choose and all you doubt are clear stay tune our site shimmringstar

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