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App for Women Safety

Women safety App: The security of women in India is a matter of grave concern. Any incident of Income Day is seen in the hand of the Government and administration failure. The government, recommending women to wear clothes and fully covered, is hesitant to take strict action against the accused.

There are many apps for women safety available in the era of today’s smartphones. which can be used to keep the woman’s location and complete information. Even if the woman has a sense of insecurity. she herself can share her location with her family by shaking the phone.

Let’s know about Women, Safety App. which you can easily find on Google Play Store 

Safety pin app

Considering the safety of women in mind. his app gives you emergency numbers. locations, and GPS, through which you can easily inform your family at any time of trouble. In this you will be able to speak Hindi and Spanish along with English Also get this option

Defense application

This application, you can easily share your location with your friends and selected contacts. This app sends an alert to everyone through the volume button. And it’s not necessary to send an alert to the network area, which is extremely useful in times of trouble. Women App

Courage app

This app designed for women’s safety by the Delhi Police is in great stead. For this, you have to register on the website of Delhi Police, after which information about your location etc. can be done through SOS Alert and in case of police trouble But easily reach.

Women app for safety

This app is very easy to tell you the severity of the position of your location through colors, in which you only have to save few numbers, after which you can send a message to all of you through a single click. At the same time, they themselves can know the circumstances of his area, how safe you

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