Woman giving birth to 17 twins. Picture viral

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Woman giving birth to 17 twins: Hey! Friends, till now you had heard and read much surprising news. Maybe it is difficult to believe that many of these reports. But this world is so much grown weird things, and are full of poor things. Today, we are going to tell you about such shocking news. In fact, this matter is linked to the birth of 17 children together with a woman, which is currently being discussed on social media.

A shocking story of a pregnant woman on social media is becoming quite viral. In the story, it is claimed that a woman from America gave birth to 17 babies. There are three pictures in this viral post and a story is written. In a photo, a pregnant woman appears to be taking selfies, whose stomach is looking abnormal. In the second picture, some small children are seen and in the third, there is a man with children.

It has been reported in the post that an American woman named Catherine Bridge has recorded the highest childbirth record.

Obviously, everyone will be surprised by seeing a picture of the woman in this post, but this is the reason why it is also important for readers to know the full truth of this news. You know that these days many photographs and fakes are shown to increase the news but their truth does not come out and the people get misunderstood about it.

Fake News → Woman giving birth to 17 twins

India Today Anti Fake News War Room (AFWA) found in its investigation that viral post is concocted. This news appeared on a website called World News Daily Report, which publishes fictional news for fun. This post was shared by a Facebook user named Richard Camarinta Dy, who has so far been more than 33,000 shares.

In this post, Richard Camarinta Dy also shared the article entitled ‘Women Daily Magazine’, in which this viral post is mentioned. But in this article, it is clear that this story is fictional, which is taken from an article of ‘World News Daily Report’. On reverse search of pictures, we came to know that the photo of the woman is photoshopped.

The second picture is also 7 years old, in which a man is seen with small children. This person’s name is Robert M Biter, who is an obstetrician and gynecologist in the United States. Robert has made this cover photo on Facebook.

During the investigation, we certainly got some media reports, which mentions cases of highest childbirth in a pregnancy. We got two reports that mention some of the cases in the US, in which the woman gave birth to eight children together. However, we did not find any reports in which the woman has been told to give birth to 17 children.

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