Who is Ashwathama

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Attack on Pandavas Upon hearing the news of his father’s death. Ashwathamaa got angry with anger and vowed to take revenge for his father’s death. In the last moments of the war. Ashwathama attacked to the Pandavas camp at night. In which many warriors died, as well as all the sons of Dropati, including their father’s killer, were also killed by Ashwathamaa.

After this act by Ashwathama was also aware of the consequences. which led to the escape from Pandavo’s camp immediately. After that Arjun and Shri Krishna promised to Dropati, they give the head of Ashwathamaa in his feet.

Arjuna and Shrikrishna went to search of Ashwathama, but Ashwathamaa started using Brahmastra to save himself. With which Arjun, Krishna, and Ashwathamaa got the war. After which Arjuna took Ashwathamaa under his control and Stand him in front of Dropati. Dropati’s soft-hearted, And Dropati Didn’t see the condition of Aswathama & said to Arjun To relieve Ashwathama immediately.

Ashwathama story

Curse of Krishna- After Release the Ashwathamaa by Dropati, Lord Krishna curse Ashwathama, Lord Krishna said You carrying all sins of sinful people and wandering around the world for thousands of year. You always Smell like trash. You will suffer from many diseases. Society will keep away from you.

People said, Since this curse of Shri Krishna To Ashwathama. He still wandering for his death. The People of Burhanpur still Feel this. That Ashwathamaa is still Around them

Ashwathama Still Alive

According to the local people, Ashwathamaa is still wandering, even though the bloodstream continues to flow from the brain. And He always demands turmeric & oil. Many people also believe that the person seeing Ashwathama loses his mental balance.

Ashwathama death

Some people believe that Ashwathamaa comes For worshiping of Shivaling in the nearby temple. Every day after bathing in the Uthawali River, He uses a secret path made in the path of the trench located on the four sides of the temple. The fact behind this is there is not even a bird in the temple but on every day, fresh flowers are found on Shivling.

These eight people in this world are immortal, राजा बली , व्यास जी , हनुमान जी , विभीषण , कृपाचर्या , परशुराम ,ऋषि मार्कण्डेय. and Ashwathamaa Name is also mention

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