What is ZestMoney? Purchase anything online without a Credit card with ZestMoney!

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ZestMoney Kya Hai ?

In today’s era, there are millions of options available with the best phones and other Smart Devices, everyone wants to be an expensive superb phone.

In this competition, many people feel unnecessarily putting a lot of burden on their pockets at a time, after which they have to face difficulties.

To overcome this problem, Online Shopping Portals like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal have started giving the option of EMI. However, due to some rules and conditions, the benefit of this facility cannot be raised by everyone and the problem of that person remains.

In view of the common man’s problems, the company paying the EMI loan has started an online portal named after ZestMoney in which any citizen of India can apply for a loan and if he falls under the rules then by ZestMoney Online shopping can be done through the approved loan. Which is to be paid by monthly EMI later. Let’s know in detail what is ZestMoney? And what are the benefits? How can we apply for it?

What is ZestMoney ?

If you do not have a Credit Card and you do not have an option to pay by EMI for online shopping then ZestMoney can be very helpful for you. Actually, ZestMoney issues you a fixed amount as a loan, through which you can buy anything online for that amount. Provided that you are 18 years old and are an Indian citizen. Simultaneously, you must have a PAN Card and Aadhar card for it.

Let’s understand what is ZestMoney? Let’s assume that if a student who does not have a credit card and wants to buy something needed like a laptop and can not afford the amount, then with the help of ZestMoney he can buy the same laptop and pay his amount via zestmoney ,And the needed document you have the PAN card and Aadhaar card, after then the company will give you some fixed amount and you have to pay small amount Of EMI.

If your credit limit has been fixed 30,000 by Zest Money, then you can make a purchase of up to 30 thousand only if your score or record is good and you keep paying EMI according to the company rules then the company will increase your limit Also, after some time you can also ask for ZestMoney personal Loan

Hopefully, you have a better understand now that what is ZestMoney? Let’s now talk about how to create a Zest Money account and how can we take advantage of this facility?

ZestMoney Account

To create a ZestMoney Account, you have to follow some of the simple steps given below, after which you will be able to easily get the loan.

  • Go to ZestMoney.In or search on Zest Money Google, after which you have to choose the option of Check Credit Limit in the main website.
  • On clicking Check Credit Limit you will be asked to email and mobile number which will give you OTP for verification.
  • After verification, you will have a form where you have to submit other details. Keep in mind that all the details are available with your Aadhar card and PAN card or else your request will be canceled.
  • Note that you can not use other documents except the Aadhar card and PAN card The rest will follow you in the steps .. What do you do? How much do you earn? What is the monthly expenditure? Who has to live with? Some questions like will be asked and you can easily reply to them.
  • Along with all information in Zest Money, it is also checked whether you have ever taken any loan before this? Have you paid that loan on time or not? Or how much is your credit score so far? Keeping these things in mind, your loan is approved.

After following all these steps, you will be given your limited loan from zestmoney which you can go shopping at any E-Commerce site. If your last score is fine then you get the approval from ZestMoney.

ZestMoney Customer Care No

If you want to call ZestMoney Customer Care No for any assistance, then you have the number +91 93434 22556 for ZestMoney Complaints.

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