What is ikmkb means

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IKMKB Means– Since the terrorist attack in Kashmir on February 14, the blood of every Indian is blaming the revenge of the martyrdom of these heroes of the country. The country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has repeatedly threatened the terrorists to take revenge for this lowly act, even though 12 days after the attack, Indian Air Force entered the border of Pakistan and bombed terrorist bases in Balakot. Almost 300 Pakistani terrorists are reported to be killed. Since then, the whole of India is excited to see the next step of the army and there is a happy atmosphere everywhere.

The action taken by the Air Force was given the name of Surgical Strike 2. You can tell that since the attack, other countries including India are also against terrorism and everyone around the world is spit upon Pakistan. In such a situation, the President of the United States had already expressed the frustration about the Indian Air Force’s proceedings.

IKMKB Means in Hindi

Today, in this era of the Internet, everybody seems to be expressing their feelings and intense reaction on social media. Many tags are in trending against Pakistan and on the other side, Pakistan is being joked. If you are active on Twitter Instagram and Facebook. Then you must have seen the Memes associated with Pakistan. In which #PKMKB #IKMKB #HomoPak #PakistanMurdabad #Bhikhari #BestToiletPaper in the world. Is very much in discussion.

IKMKB Means in Hindi

Before this, India had immediately shocked the status of Most Favored Nation (MFN) from Pakistan. Immediately after the terrorist attack. In which now Pakistan has to face many challenges and rates in the trade of anything. On the other hand. Indian farmers have also refused to give fruit and vegetable to Pakistan. Due to which the prices of essential items in Pakistan are skyrocketing. Not only that, singers and actors who came to work in India have no place anymore. Along with the world’s largest site Cricbuzz. Dream 11 has shaken all the matches of Pakistan.

At the same time, the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has done a double blow to Pakistan. While ending the Water Treaty with Pakistan.

IKMKB – Imran khan ki maa Ka Bh*****
It’s a tag used by people who abuse Imran khan on social media
We are not here to abuse to anyone or don’t want to humiliate any person


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