What is GBWhatsApp? GBWhatsApp is safe or not.

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GbWhatsApp:- Hello, friend, today we are going to talk about the interesting app. Whose name is GBwhats app, Now you must be wondering what is this Gb Whatsapp? In this post, you will get complete information about Gbwhatsapp.

What is GbWhatsApp

Gbwhatsapp is an app like WhatsApp but is advanced and not official. There are many more features in the Gbwhatsapp app than WhatsApp. Features that are not given in the official WhatsApp app used in our daily life. Very few or limited features have been provided in the official WhatsApp app.

Due to these features, we have to install different types of apps. And they consume too much battery. But if all the features you want and get in one app then it will be so good. So some such advanced features have been given in GbwhatsApp, which is very helpful to us.

Features of GB WhatsApp

status download

In Gbwhatsapp, You can download the video story or status of anyone with a single click.

DND mode

After activating DND mode inside GBWhats App, Gbwhatsapp will remain closed even if there is an internet connection active. Meaning no messages will be received or send. This feature is beneficial for low RAM and frequently hanging mobiles.

Font change

In the Gbwhatsapp app, we can change fonts very easily. There are many such mobiles that do not have the feature of fonts change, then those people will not be able to change the font of WhatsApp but they will also be able to change the font with the help of Gbwhatsapp.

Theme change

The most special feature is the theme change feature. Yes, friends, inside GBwhatsApp we can change the whole theme of WhatsApp. We use the same default theme every day. In such a situation, we can change the theme of WhatsApp very easily. In GBwhatsApp we get a lot of themes, we can apply the favorite themes among them.

Chat height

Gbwhatsapp also has very good features for the people living in the relationship. Whose name is Chat Hide? Through chat Hide, we can hide the chat of any person.

App / Chat lock

Through Gbwhatsapp, we can lock the app and chat. We just have to go to the settings and set the password.

Auto reply

This feature is very good. Through this feature, a reply is automatically sent to any person. All you have to do is set the message autoreply.

Hide online

This feature is amazing. Sometimes you can be scolded by your parents for being online on WhatsApp. But now this will not happen, now you can hide your online status through Gbwhatsapp and can tell the difference.

Hide blue and second Tick

Through this feature, we can change the tick color of our read message . Means, if someone sends us a message and even if we read it, it will not be shown to be read, means blue tick will not appear if the second tick is off.

Anti revoke    

Sometimes people delete something that they typed by mistake. And if we do not read that message, the message shown to be ‘this message is deleted’ then in such case, the message that was deleted can be read through this feature.

How To Download GbWhatsapp?

Download from the link below:-

There are many websites to download. But I will give you a link from which you can easily download.

Is GBWhatsAap safe?

Let us tell you that GBWhatsApp is a third-party app that does not guarantee your privacy. So we can advise people that do not send any such thing which you want to protect.

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