Tips to increase blog organic traffic 2019

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The biggest problem is how to increase the organic traffic of your blog website?

Hello friends If organic traffic does not come from any search engine on your website or blog, or none of your posts are ranking, then you need to understand that. On doing SEO on your website or blog, many people do onsite SEO on their blog but do not focus on offsite SEO, so, for this reason, organic traffic does not come from any search engine on their blog, then friends need not worry you No, we are going to tell you this post that you will have to do off-site SEO for your blog-website for this to lay organic traffic increase on your blog or website.

There are two types of off-site SEO.

Friends, if organic traffic is not coming on your blog or website, then the first thing to do is to make maximum backlinks for your blog or website, why backlink off-site is the most important part of SEO as long as you Let’s not make high-quality backlink, till then organic traffic on your blog is going to be very low because backlink is the biggest contributor to ranking any page of yours, so firstly you should create backlink for your blog. There are two types.

How to create High-Quality Dofollow Backlink. Top Effective Ways

  • Do follow Backlink
  • No follow

Do follow Backlink

Friends do-follow backlink are those backlinks which give the signal to follow the link of your post to search engine, if you say in easy language, do follow backlink give your URL and anchor text to search engine, this content is also on this blog. Like, suppose you have some content on your blog. how to increase organic traffic on your blog or site. we know this and the search engine is public and no one is public and there is a lot of blogs where there will be this content which has many backlinks. This means that this content is on another blog, which many people know, then the one who will know many, first of all, the search engine sees the same in search results, which gives it organic traffic and no one else is aware of its content. This is not famous, hence brings our content to the last, so that organic traffic is not found on our content, so do follow backlink organic

No, follow Backlink

No follow backlink also works to make your blog famous in a way, but it only makes the blog famous as if you comment somewhere, then just ask you to enter your URL and not any anchor text Suppose if you share a URL anywhere, then it is just your URL but what type of URL is that search engine will know, so no follow backlink tells your blog to search engine but do follow Does not work as a backlink.

How to increase Organic Traffic by Promotion

Friends promotion will have a question in mind. How to increase Organic Traffic by Promotion If your blog or website is a new one, then direct traffic to your blog is very low. Why do you need promotion for your new site? when you promote your site then people aware of your site and content. Because the search engine first sees what is the user experience of the logo on this content, how many people like this content, then you start getting organic traffic, How many people like your content, then you start getting organic traffic. so you can promote your content on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and everywhere you want. Doing this so that you get direct traffic on your blog and the user experience on your blog is large so that you start getting organic traffic.

Friends, we hope that you have got the information that if you have any kind of question or suggestion on your blog or website, then you can comment.

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