This Doctor Fee’s Will shocked you.

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The doctor is called the form of God. Many aspects of human life depend on the Doctor’s hands. Doctors often try to give life to the person. But some of them fall down to any extent while spoiling the service for their pockets. Or is someone’s fees so much that every person is not successful in getting treatment with that doctor?

This Doctor is god for some people

Today we will introduce you to such a Doctor which is present in the form of God on earth as of today. It is an example of serving society as being rich or poor, black or white, keeping aside all the discrimination and the desire to make money.

63-year-old Thiruvagamdha (थीरुवेग्दम) live in Chennai, who has been taking care of his patients since 1973. Thiru has remained in the headlines for not only its lower fees but also for its own strength. Thiru’s fee is only Rs 2. While he does not take any kind of fee from the poor person. He has never asked for any fees from himself.

Patients who come to Thiru. they bring their food with their love, which Thiru accepts from the heart. However, Thiru is famous in Chennai with the name of a doctor of 2 rupees. While the doctors live in nearby areas are also seen in protest against Thiru.

Despite being so young and talented, Thiru wants to serve society instead of money, so he has stopped calling for a fee of rupees two. Thiru believes that he has received the money spent on his studies. he has no attachment to money. He wants to work for others until his last breath.

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