The Real Story of Shin Chan

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The Real Story of Shin Chan Death

Who does not know today, Shin Chan, the naughty who started the journey in the newspaper and then started as a comic? The real story of Shin Chan is one of the popular cartoon shows on TV today, which people of all ages see with interest.

Seeing the animated series of Shin Chan, hardly you can keep your laugh, the little devil child is making his divan from his voice and different style for centuries.

Shin chan ( crayon shin chan )

Shin Chan ‘s full name is Shinnosuke Nohara. On which the show is named Crayon Shin Chan. It has its parents, sissy snowman and a little puppy. 

Actually, the show Crayon Shin Chan has a very painful story associated with ‘Crayon’. Which you may not see perhaps again with the same expression.

A woman named Masai, who had a 5-year-old son. (Shinnosuke Nohara) and a little daughter, one day went to the market to move with her children.

During which the little girl reached the play on the road and did not care for Masai. Seeing his sister going on the road. Brother ran towards the road to save her. But unfortunately, To save our sister Sinchan didn’t own self and hit by a car

Real Shinchan

After the death of his son, his mother became very disturbed and made a picture on the paper. In memory of her child, as well as by the picture it showed that if her son was alive today. How would she have been living happily ever after?

Hiding one aspect of this painful story, Yashto Usai, who is the author of Crayon Shin Chan, is credited with keeping the other faculty in the form of story and comics. In front of everyone, This show is still going on after Yoshito Usai’s death in 2009.

This painful story of Shin Chan was created to show in an episode but that episode was never broadcasted.

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