Sunny Leoni admits this thing on a live show

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Arbaaz Khan is in the constant discussion because of his show Pinch. Recently, Sunny Leone reached her show and the conversation with her has been heading into the headlines. On Pinch, Sunny not only spoke openly about her previous profession but also responded to the troll army sitting on social media.

As you know, Celebes on this show reads social media comments and answers. During this time there was a comment: ‘Sunny Leoni had realized that porn is going to be banned. So, showing timidity, shifted his career on time. In response, Sunny said, rightly said, I am a visionary.

In addition to answering the trollers, Sunny appeared to be talking about his decision to become an adult porn star and his last life in this episode. Talking about her previous life and so forth, Sunny said that she always made the decisions that were best for her at the time.

So you can understand that she decided to become a porn star, she thought quite a lot. She also took the decision to quit this industry. Sunny has always said that she does not make any decision in a hurry and in case of the dilemma she does not hesitate to seek advice from people, especially her husband Daniels.

Let us tell you that Sunny Leoni has always been the confidant of her past careers and decisions. The reason for this is that he dared to take decisions for himself at the right time and is one of the top celebs in Bollywood today.

Recent project

Talking about Sunny’s latest projects, she is currently busy shooting for a horror comedy coming from the name ‘Coca-Cola’. In this film, he will be seen speaking in Purvanchali language Sunny is quite excited about this project. Because it is the first experiment for them.

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