Stay your child away from Youtube | Ruining Career

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Children Career as a Youtuber.

Child on youtube: In this era of the Internet, all things have become very easy for us. There is no doubt that the internet has changed the world of all of us. Everything can be done by sitting at home with the ease of shopping or anything.

If you are talking about learning then all the methods are present on Youtube. If you’re talking news or Anything you like to watch, then youtube is the best place for you.

Who is Youtuber?

A person who makes and upload videos on Youtube called youtuber. And your profile name is gonna be your youtube channel name as well. In this case, you don’t have any specific qualification to create a channel on youtube or become a Youtuber, but you must have only one Gmail account.

In the time of JIO coming in 2016. The count of youtuber who uploads the video on youtube is increased. And those who have good content and do hard work on their channel achieve good position and fame.

How to earn Youtuber?

Before going ahead, let us tell you that Youtuber monetizes advertisements by Google on its video. It can also be worth Rs. 1 to millions. It all depends on YouTube ‘s video and the product of the company that gives the advertisement. Along with this, there is also another instrument that if a Youtuber is on a large scale, then the company offers itself for promotion.

Youtuber’s Future

In today’s time, we know many big Youtubers in India who have made good money and name in a very short time. Starting youtube two years ago, was extremely simple in which little effort and hard work could be successful your Youtube channel.

For any child today a big youtuber is no less than a star. And every child looks at a large youtuber and wish to become a successful youtuber too. And because of this dream, children are leaving their studies and starting to upload videos to youtube. Which is directly impact on the future of the children. To be a successful youtuber you have to work hard. without thinking, starting youtube is a stupidity.

In such a case, our motive is not to say that it is wrong to become Youtuber or there is no future in it, but leaving your studies aside and moving the whole way in the younger age is very similar to the big gambling with life.

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