Poonam Pandey pulled out his Bra Reply to Pakistani advertisement

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Bollywood star Poonam Pandey, who is sensational with his bold avatar on social media, is once again in the discussion. This time Poonam Pandey has not been on social media due to his hot and bold incarnation but instead of giving a reply to Pakistan.

Actually Poonam Pandey gave a reply to the wing commander Abhinandan’s duplicate on Pakistani advertisement, and opened the bra, saying, “Why a cup, you can take two cups and sit back and drink tea in this cup.

Mumbai Internet sensation: Poonam often keeps his bold avatar in headlines. But this time She has not been on the subject of the sexy video. But she has been hit on social media due to the response to Pakistani advertisement.

In fact, an ad in Pakistan was becoming viral recently. Which has been shown a duplicate of Wings Commander Abhinandan.

Pakistan and India match

An advertisement was produced by a Pakistani TV channel. In which a duplicate character of Wings Commander Abhinandan was shown, In this video, a man has been shown nodding Abhinandan. He was in the Indian cricket team’s jersey instead of the uniform of the Army.

Poonam Pandey reply to Pakistani advertisement.

On the add-ons of Abhinandan. Poonam responded to Pakistan and said, ” Why a cup, you can take two cups and sit back and drink tea in this cup. This video of Poonam Pandey on social media is becoming viral. This video of Poonam is being liked on Instagram.

Let us know that since the Cricket World Cup has started, Poonam has started sharing his sexy photos on social media. In fact, Poonam said during the 2011 Cricket World Cup. That if India wins. She will turn into Nude. But the Indian Cricket Board had refused to do.

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