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Talk About Periods :

Today we will talk about the Periods of menstrual discharge, whose pain helps women every month. It is not a joke or a matter of shame, but I do not know why. People talk about it, shy or talk about it. At many places when a woman is passing through her monthly religion, it is forbidden to go to her, or to go to any auspicious work, to go to the temple. But the reason behind this is going on from the Pandavas despite no one.

Even though people are educated, they also appear to speak or behave like this, which is absolutely wrong. The thing to think about is that it is a natural process. Without which you can not have any birth of either us or any other person in the world. In this case, there is a need to change this behavior and thinking which is done with the woman at the time of Periods.

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In India, This topic is really important Because lots of people didn’t aware about periods and it’s really important to aware them so I wrote this article to share some information about periods and And all girl and women I request you to use only sanitary pads. Even our Bollywood industry make Movie about periods like PADMAN
Akshay Kumar plays the main role in this movie to aware people about periods and sanitary pads. And lots of Bollywood celebrity and their fan accept the Challenge Holding pad and share it on Social Media


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