Period sex. Can period sex gonna pregnant you

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period sex: Making a physical connection during the period is a common practice. Almost all the people who have a sex life at this time but there is no mention of it. If you are also going to do this or you can do something like this in the future, then learn all about it A to Z.

1 . Wow !!

At this time period, sexual intercourse gives relief to menstrual cramps. Because endorphins are released after sex which reduces both stress and pain.
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2. Periods will go away soon

Because after period sex, your body gets an instant flow of menstrual tissue, so that your periods quickly end. The clotting problem becomes solvable.
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3. Survey tells.

As we had already said that it is not that people do not do this, just do not talk about it. According to the survey, nearly 30% of people have physical relationships during the period.
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4.  STIs .. Oops!

STI means sexually transmitted infection, in this condition its chances increase, because at this time your cortical wall is more open than the entire month. Therefore there is no compromise with protection during period sex in the period.
“can you get pregnant during your period”

5. You may also like this

The first day of the period is not the first day but your condition becomes slightly better for the third day. Harmons are released in your body and you feel excited. In this case, you too can enjoy period sex
“Can a girl get pregnant on her period?”

6. What Doctor Say ..

Doctors say that during physical intercourse, physical contact is not bad or harmful from anywhere if both partners are comfortable. There is no medical reason for not having sex during this period.
“can a woman get pregnant on her period”

7. What Does Your Partner Say

See, Doctor says anything about Period sex, you can talk to your partner openly about this. If you have to do this with a sex partner, then it is very important to know his thoughts in such a way.
“can I get pregnant on my period”

11. Biggest Myth – Pregnancy !! can you get pregnant on your period

People think that you can not be pregnant by having physical relationships during periods. This is wrong because the sperm can survive 72 hours in your body. By that time, if the periods were over, then the work could worsen.
“can u get pregnant on your period”

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