Pappu of India? Pappu of the world? Who is Pappu

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Pappu of World

Pappu– This year 2019 is a great dignity for political leaders. This year there is an electoral battle again … due to which every party is engaged in proving itself as Clean. At the same time, every leader is no less than the jokes on the opposition party. Well, the issue of humor in this article is not related to politics and their parties, but it is related to Rahul Gandhi, who is the main member of the country’s big party and who is claiming to become Prime Minister.


It is common for Rahul to make jokes and funny meme on social media. He himself knows it and has accepted it in his speech ” Yes .. I am Pappu for you!

In his speeches and rallies, many times Rahul Gandhi has been using strange words. In such case, if you look for something like Pappu in India, Pappu in the World, Pappu of World or Pappu Jokes in Hindi, on google then pictures and articles related to Rahul Gandhi are in front of you.

Papu comedy

Many times Rahul, while speeching in the public or in his rallies, he himself becomes the jokes or subject of memes, and sometimes the public gets his pinch. Everyone addresses Rahul as Pappuu. Now it is up to us and your perspective that these people have a love for them or part of Jokes or fun.

Pappu and other

This is not the first time or second time that a big leader has come to discuss Google. On social media in this way. Prior to this, Congress President Sonia Gandhi, current Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Prime Minister Imran of Pakistan and US President Donald Trump have also been caught in it.

If you do not know about all of these then let’s tell you how Google trolled them all.

Sonia Gandhi = Bar Girl in India

Narendra Modi = Top 10 Criminal in world

Imran Khan = Bhikhari

Donald Trump = Idiot

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