Nusrat returning to India with her husband

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Famous actress and Trinamool Congress MP from Basirghat in West Bengal, Nusrat, where she has returned to India with her husband.

The most famous actress of Bangla films and the Trinamool Congress MP She from Basirghat in West Bengal has tied up with Kolkata businessman Nikhil Jain on June 19 in connection with the marriage. Now the news is coming that she has returned to India with her husband. At the same time.

Kapal was welcomed at the airport. Explain that Nikhil Jain and Nusrat, where they met last year during Durga Puja. Since then, the continuation of the meeting of both of them increased. Soon both of them got into the relationship and decided to stay in the bonds of marriage.

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Actress to MP Nusrat

She has returned to India after marriage. Where the pictures of the airport are being viral with Nikhil Jain’s husband. Nusrat and her husband were strongly welcomed at the airport.

Nusrat and Nikhil at the airport were seen wearing a garland of flowers. At the same time, some people were seen giving them bouquets. On this occasion, she was wearing a pink sari. Along with this, earrings were worn. While Nikhil was wearing white colored kurta-pajama shes look was quite simple but he looks pretty beautiful in this look too.

Nikhil Jain in some of the pictures also noticed Nusrat’s hair clearing. See also the fuses of Nusrat at the airport. Nusrat married Nikhil on June 19. Nusrat and Nikhil also Christian wedding along with Hindu custom. Nusrat and Nikhil got married in Istanbul, Turkey. Nusrat’s Wedding Ceremonies were private, in which only a few guests were involved.

In the marriage of Hindu custom, Nusrat’s and Nikhil were dressed in famous designers Sabya’s Mukherjee’s designs. she looked very beautiful in red pairs. Christian Wedding was wearing a white colored wedding gowns there. At the same time, the hand and bangles were seen in the hand. While Nikhil appeared wearing black coat-pants.

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