Best Conman Mr. Natwarlal sold Taj Mahal not once but three times

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Natwarlal History

Natwarlal, this name you must have heard at some time in your life. About this person, Bollywood made big films like Natwarlal and Raja Natwarlal in Bollywood, in which Amitabh Bachchan and Imran Hashmi have played the role. But do you know who Natwarlal is? Let’s know the stories of this great man who surprised you.

If Natwarlal is said to be a role model of thieves, it will not be wrong. One of India’s biggest thugs was Natwarlal’s logo and the expert in making the police fool their finesse and cleverness. Known as Natwarlal, this person was a lawyer by profession, but due to his vicious brain, he started copying the signatures of others, after which he went out in the world of theft.

Mithlesh Kumar, Shrivastav alias – Natwarlal betrayed many big business people in his lifetime. At the same time, he duplicated the President’s signature and started to sell Indian property to foreign people. In which Redfort, Rashtrapati Bhawan, Parliament and Taj Mahal deal thrice.

Natwarlal had almost made his 50 different identities. The only people who used to betray the people who had betrayed it. Let’s take a look at these acts of Mr. Natwarlal.

TajMahal deal

Natwarlal, in the disguise of the government employee, sold the Taj Mahal to foreign tourists Along with this, the shocking thing is that this deal has happened three times not only once.

Parliament House deal

Natwarlal not only sold the Taj Mahal but also Parliament House. Surprisingly, 545 MPs in the Parliament also became part of the same deal, in which all those MPs were also sold along with Parliament House.

Not only this, the activities of Natwarlal did not stop but with Taj Mahal as well as Parliament House, REDFORT and other buildings of India, Natwarlal had Copy signed of the President and sold it abroad.

Absconding from jail

Natwarlal was not only a mastermind of normal people but his mind are incredible in front of government and the police officer. After 113 years of jail due to 14 cases, Natwarlal escaped from the clutches of the police, but not absconded twice, but 7 times. In the end, when he ran out of jail, his age was 84 years after which he never came under the control of the police.

Dying play

Natwarlal also dramatized the death to save the police in 1996. After that, the police stopped the file of Natwarlal, but according to the people, Natwarlal died in 2009.

God for the poor

Mr Natwarlal, who robbed millions of Arabs and Arabs, was not less than the Messiah for the poor and other needy of his village. Anything that Natwarlal used to do, he used to divide it among the poor.

Idol in village

Mr Natwarlal kept his love between the people even after doing the wrong thing. This is the reason that even today people of Natwarlal village want to make an idol of this thug.

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