PKMKB real Means? Let’s know what is it mean

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PKMKB Real Means

PKMKB hashtag has been quite trending since last month. Twitter is either from Instagram, from Facebook to all social media platforms such as YouTube, PKMKB hashtag and similar messages are filled. If you have not yet figured out what it’s really like #PKMKB, then by reading this article you will know very well what it is and why it is in trending everywhere.

After the terror attack in Kashmir on February 14, there is sloganeering and demonstrations against Pakistan everywhere. Every country in the world is calling Pakistan a bad thing for its lowly objection. Due to this, there are many hashtags related to Pakistan on social media nowadays like #PKMKB #PakistanMurdabad #BestToiletPaper #BestToiletPaperInTheWorld #HomoPak #Bhikhari

In this case, you must have understood this. P, in PKMKB, means Pakistan. The funny thing is that this tag is so viral that posting and tweeting people using this tag is not only in India but also from other countries.

Not just #PKMKB, but if you look for Best Toilet Paper or Best Toilet Paper in the World on Google, you will get a flag of Pakistan. Even recently, Pakistan was quite searching with the keywords Bhikhari on Google in this way, in which the picture of the prime minister of Imran was in front of everyone as a beggar.

so guys in short #pkmkb mean abusing Pakistan trough to Urdu or Hindi language. I hope you guys understand very well In return you can comment on this page #pkmkb thanks a lots keep supporting me

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