Karishma Kapoor Husband had asked her to sleep with friends

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Actress Karishma Kapoor is celebrating her birthday today. Tell all of you that the Karishma has passed from a time. When she was beaten overnight and she used to correct her face with makeup in the morning.

After having spent years there, Karisma filed a case of harassment against her husband Sanjay and Saas Rani Kapoor. Yes, during that time Karishma’s lawyer Kranti Sathe had said, “This is not a matter of divorce. This is a case of harassment, which is totally different from the ongoing divorce case.

It does not come under the family court, comes under the judicial court. She is not demanding anything for herself. It is for their children (son Kian Raj Kapoor and daughter Samayra Kapoor). She wants to protect her children. “

Let everyone know that Karishma herself has also made many sensational disclosures about her marriage. She said, “Her 4-month-old son’s health was bad, due to which she could not go with the husband on the UK trip. With this Sanjay became very angry and left her alone.

Later, when Karisma reached the UK, Sanjay used to remain missing from overnight. They had nothing to do with the health of their son. Playing golf was more important for him. During the honeymoon, Sanjay was discussing with his brother how much money Karishma can bring in front of him.

sleep with friends

Karishma Kapoor said,” Once Sanjay asked her to wear a dress given by his mother. Since Charisma was pregnant, that dress was not fit for her. Seeing that Sanjay was very angry. He asked his mother to slap Karishma. Sanjay often used to misbehave Karishma. He used to beat. The injury marks were hidden by the Karishma’s makeup. Sanjay’s mother had a silent acceptance in it. “Karisma has said that” when she went on a honeymoon with her husband Sanjay, her husband imposed her cost on her friend. Which she could not bear. “

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