Jio Phone explode during charging, it’s true or not

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You must have heard the stories of the phone getting hot or bursting. Maybe those companies of China or small level have heard most of them. But today it is news of Reliance Jio. From where this case has come in front of us. The recently launched JIO PHONE in the market has also started exploding.

This news has come out from Jammu Kashmir, In which people share 2 photos of phone bursting during charging photos was shared on Twitter. But shortly after that, the Twitter account was deleted.

According to the report, the back of the mobile phone melted completely, while the front part did not even have a trace. In such a situation, Jio has claimed that this is a conspiracy to discredit his company. We will definitely investigate this.

In a statement from the company, Giving it clearly as a conspiracy. It has been said that this has been done to discredit us. The phone is not cracked, but it has been deliberately burnt by itself. Due to which there is no effect on the front part. The phone is designed keeping in mind all international standards.

All other companies are blown away by Jio’s entry into the market. All the companies are now seen beating their hands and feet in new ways. No company is happy with launching such a cheap plan in the market of JIO. JIO has also made it difficult to spend many big companies.

True or not

In such a situation, the news of JIO PHONE’s explosion is so true, how many lies will be known only during an investigation.

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