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Indian rail

Indian rail – We all have enjoyed the journey of the train. Sometimes in our life. Talking about childhood, the hobby of watching the train is different. There are many things related to the train. which we often see but do not know the reason behind them.

Let’s talk about the “X” behind the train at the last box. which all of us have always seen but have you thought of what is the reason behind it? Maybe you have raised this question by sitting between three and four friends. Did you get a satisfactory reply from there?

Actually, the reason for this icon made on the last box of the train is that the officers and staff at the station will know which is the last box of the train and if the train has been completed from the previous station, it has come to this station or not. It is a type There is no sign of which the railway staff cannot let the train go ahead.

Indian railways.

Not only the “X” is not only visible but it is also necessary to have a lamp and an LV board. On the last compartment, after which the car can move forward.

Incredible facts that you did not about Train

For information, let us know, there are 7500 railway stations in India, in which the length of the railway track is 115,000 kilometers, which is on the route of 65,000 kilometers. There are about 11 thousand trains in India, which has 7 thousand trains passenger which is 25 Serves millions of passengers. At the same time, the number of railway employees in India is more than 14 lakh. Facts about Trains and Indian Railways.

How to check PNR (Passenger name record)

PNR Full form is (Passenger name record) –I can you Redirect to our to Indian Railways PNR status Page. There you can get the Information about Your PNR Status. Click here for PNR status → (Clickhere)

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