How to use sun cream | How to protect your skin from sunburn

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Sun Protection or Sunburn Symptoms

Generally, three types of sunscreen are in operation. Physical sunscreens, chemical sunscreens, and herbal sunscreens. Physical sunscreen has a maximum SPF of 20. In which chemicals are extremely low, while the chemical sunscreen’s SPF is more than 20. In India, the level of ultraviolet rays is not very dangerous, hence there is more use of physical sunscreen. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are found in chemical sunscreens. Which protect us from harmful rays coming out of the sun. These are the most herbal sunscreens. In it, many herbal things like mint, lavender oil, avocado oil, shea butter, aloe vera, raspberry, sesame oil, glycerin, and lemon are used. Sun cream

How To Use Sunscreen or your Best Sunscreen

1 – Put sunscreen at least 20 minutes before

If you are coming out of the house and want to avoid these UV rays, then hurry up the sunscreen, it is wrong. The sunscreen lotion should be placed at least 20 minutes before leaving the house. Keep in mind that even sunscreen cannot be taken during the day. The sunscreen lotion should be applied every two hours. for Best sun cream result Use it every 3 hours if you live in Asia

2 – Do not skimp on applying Best sunscreen

Take a light sunscreen lotion and put it in both arms, it will not do. If you really want to have its effect, then put the sunscreen in the correct amount.

3- No sunscreen 100% guarantee of safety

Even Best Sunscreen lotion is a chemical base, there is no divine armor, so use sunscreen without adapting the ads. You can get protection from 50% to 97% with sunscreen cream.

4- There is nothing like waterproof in sunscreen or sun cream

No sunscreen is waterproof, so if you get out of swimming or pour water on such a face then do not forget to apply sunscreen after that.

5- If you are going to the height in direct sun light

If you are going to elevation, increase the amount of sunscreen because the sun’s rays from there will be even closer to you. Put sunscreen on those parts of the body, which you usually ignite, such as the toes of the feet. for protect yourself from sunburn or sunburn symptoms.

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