How to put two SIM and memory cards in Hybrid Sim Slot?

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Hybrid Sim Slot:- In today’s time, mobile has become the first requirement of every person. There was a time when it was a big thing to have a mobile. But after the change with time now is the period in which people want to buy the best smartphone. In such a situation, the smartphones being launched in the market are enticing people with new technology and special features.

All the new phones coming in today’s era are equipped with Hybrid Sim-Slots. Talking about Hybrid Sims Slot, two SIM and memory cards cannot be put together. You always get the option to install one SIM-one memory card or just both SIMs.

Let’s know more about Dual Sim and Hybrid Sim Slot.

If we consider the technology of some time ago, we would see that by removing the back cover of our phone, two slots were for SIM and one slot was for memory card. But in today’s time, this does not happen in smartphones. We have to pull out the tray or sim slots lightly.

Dual Sim and Memory Card are no longer the era of phones that give together. In Hybrid Sims Slot, now we get only one SIM, one memory card or two SIM. In such a situation, it is a problem for those people who are holding the Jio. Because in our country, Jio has made its identity as an Internet SIM, whereas for calling, we use other networks. Due to which one slot of Jio is booked. If your phone’s memory is getting low and you have to use two SIMs too, then you start feeling uncomfortable with your phone. Before discussing this, let’s talk about why there was a need to give Hybrid Sims Slot.

Why Mobile come to with Hybrid Sim Slot

Everyday sky-touching technology, everyone wants their device light and slim. Every company is trying to differentiate and do better than others. To make the smartphone lighter, inbuilt batteries were started in it, as well as a tray was made from the side to replace the SIM and memory card so that the phone could be slimmed down. This is the reason that in today’s time all companies offer Hybrid Sim-Slots.

Hybrid Sim Slot Loss

Talking about the loss of Hybrid Sim-Slots, the biggest thing is that we all have to deal with it in the SIM and memory card. Also, this tray or slot cannot be removed without an ejector tool. If you want to increase the memory, then for this you have to pay more money to get a phone with more internal memory.

Benefits of Hybrid Sim Slot

It is not that this slot has only losses. We also get many benefits of Hybrid Sim-Slots. As SIM is easy to get out and install, we do not have to work as hard as earlier phones. These slots have less impact on the CPU unit. Also, the RAM consumption is less and the battery runs more.

Dual Sim + Memory Card

Let us now talk about the problem in this, in which we cannot put two SIM and memory cards simultaneously.

If you want to use both SIM and memory card also, then for this you will have to buy Hybrid Sims Slot Extender from the market. The cost of which is about 200 INR.

With Hybrid Sim-Slots Extender, you can use both SIM and memory card at once. For this, you have to first put the Hybrid Sim-Slots Extender in one slot and then the memory card in the second, after which you can connect the second SIM in the slot of Hybrid Sim-Slots Extender.

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