How to Do Keyword Research for your Blog in 2020

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Whenever you write SEO friendly posts for your website or blog, it is most important to do research on the keyword. If you do not have the right keyword, then you will not be able to rank your post nor traffic will come on that keyword. So let’s know friends. How to do keyword research?

What is Keyword Research?

As the name ki suggests, when we analyze a keyword, it is called keyword research. For example, we have selected the keyword “How to do keyword research” in this article. After that, we see how much monthly traffic is on this keyword and how much competition is there to rank it. If your blog is new, then you should choose “low competition” and “long-tail keywords” only. By working on short keywords, you should not waste your time, even if the competition is less.

You can use “google keyword planner” to see search volume and competition. Otherwise, there is also some other free keyword planner. After analyzing all these, you can write SEO optimized articles.

How to do keyword research in 2020?

The biggest problem comes when searching for keywords. If we do not have keywords at all, then we will do research. So, I will tell you the 4 easiest ways, with the help of which you will be able to easily generate keywords.

1 – Use Quora

Quora is a very good source of ideas. If you will use quora, then you will get a lot of ideas from those who are asked by the audience. You can prepare a list of keywords from quora. After which you can analyze them with the help of any tool. You can write articles on the keywords whose volume is 100-10K and the competition is less.

2 – Google trends

Trends are a very good way to find out about trending topics. If you are working in a targeted country, it can help you a lot.
Apart from this, we get the option to select categories. Meaning the niche on which your blog is, it will be easy to get related keyword ideas. In this, we can also see daily search trends and real-time search trend volume.

If you use google trends wisely, then it can be very useful for you.

3 – Read Comments

You can also get ideas by reading popular blog comments or by reading your blog’s comments. Because people share their problems in the comments that they also search on Google. But people do not pay much attention to them, due to which competition on these keywords is also low.

If you write an article on long-tail keywords keeping the problem of the logo in mind and optimize it well then your website will definitely rank on 1 page of Google.

4 – Reading News

Very good means of news knowledge. It helps us in doing keyword research in 2 ways. If you get news related to your blog category, then you will find some keywords on which you can write posts. Reading the relevant news enhances our knowledge, which enhances our thinking skills and we start generating ideas for the keyword itself.

Friends, you will be able to do keyword research easily in these 4 ways. You will get the solution as soon as you do this and you will not search on Google for How to Do Keyword Research again.

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