How to Call divert or call forward to any number

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In today’s everyone has a smartphone or a simple phone. But do you know that there are so many features in it that very few people know? One of them is call diverts or call forward. Most people do not know about. what call divert or call forward and call divert any number.

It often happens that your mobile number goes off or the range goes away and much more reasons. This is often the case when you want to receive the call, but you can’t receive the call because the problem occurs on the phone.

A lot of people do not even know about call forward. And those who know it do not know how to use it. This feature comes in the phone call divert is a great feature and it is also very easy to use.

With call divert, you can forward the call to someone else’s mobile to your number. Or if you use 2 phones, then you can do your job by forwarding calls to both phones on one phone only.

So friends, today we are going to give you all such information about how to call divert. How to stop after starting the call divert. After reading this post once, there will be no such thing which you will not know about it

what is call divert or call forward

Call divert is such a feature. Which you can transfer any number of calls to any number you want. Some people call this process call divert, so some people say call forward. You can speak anything because both of them do the same meaning.

The most important thing is that this feature is on every phone. Whether you have a simple phone or a smartphone, you can use it.

A lot of people have trouble communicating the call. Because the way that they want to call divert does not work, so today we are going to tell you about such two ways. Which you can call divert easily. You can use it for both of the ways that you find easier.

How to call divert or call Forward to any number.

First of all, we are going to tell you that way. Which is easily found on every phone. You can call divert by using it. For this, you follow the steps we have given.

First Method: Call Divert By Mobile Setting

First of all, open your mobile number Dial

Now the three dots will appear on the top and click on the settings option. Click on setting (your phone can have this setting option differently.)

Now after this you are given two options: one General and the second calling account. You have to click on the second option.

Now if you have two sims in your phone then you will see both sims in the top-most option. Select the number of calls you want to forward.

Now you will open a new screen again in which you will see the option of “Call Forwarding” in number 3.

As you click, you have four new options. Which is as follows

  • Always forward

If you select this option, the entire call to your number will be forwarded to the number you want.

  • When Busy

If you use this option, it will be called call only if your number is busy. The number you want.

  • When Unanswered

In that case, when no answer is given by your number, then using the option, you can forward that call to another number

  • When Unreachable

The situation when your number does not look like or out of the coverage area, then you can also call ahead in that unreachable situation.


Select the option you want to use now. For example, we select the Always forward option. After that enter the number you want to call on.

As soon as you turn on the number by inserting the number, your number becomes call divert. Now you can check it by calling your number.

In this way, you can call divert or call forward your number by following the step mentioned above. It may seem difficult to see you but it is very easy. Now it comes out that if we want to stop call divert then how can we. It is also very important to know that.

How to turn off call divert or call forward any number

Turning off call divert is very easy. The steps you have been given to follow. you have to follow them again. And where your number was turned on and now it changes to turn off and your call forward will stop.

You can do this also. If you click on the call forward notification for this, it will direct you to directly from where your call diverts was started, you can easily turn off call forward from there.

Second Method: Call Forward By using Code

The way above can be tricky for many people, so we are going to tell you another way through which you can call divert, for that you have to use the code. So let’s see how we do it.

First Make Your Number Diale Open

Now enter this code. ** 62 * ur number # and enter your mobile number in it

As soon as you press the call button, your number becomes call divert. At the same number that had entered in the mention above step code.

How to turn off Call forward code

It is very important for you to know how to stop this call forward. For this, we are telling you a code whose help you to stop call forward.

For this, you have to enter ## 002 # by dialing, after which the call forward of your number will be closed.

Friends, in this post we told you how to divert the call of any number, we have told you two ways that you can apply it by using it. I hope you like this post. If you have any problems, then leave a comment for us we definitely reply you.


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