Honeymoon Give you 70 lakh rupees

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Over the past few years in the destination wedding and after the wedding Honeymoon craze raise some more. In this age of online, hotels and other companies also not miss their chance to give you the best offer and plans. And Hotels is more excited then Couples to serve them Properly. They keep preparing different types of offers for their guests

Surprising Offer For Honeymoon

A hotel in Israel has prepared a special plan for its guests in which you can not only stay there free but can also win a reward of 70 lakhs from there. For which you only have to accept one of their terms And condition.

Now you will be getting increasingly interested to know your curiosity. Before this, let us tell you about this hotel that this Honeymoon hotel is located in Jerusalem , Israel ‘s capital, Jerusalem , named Yehuda .

The hotel has a condition that women have to be pregnant according to the date they tell them. If you succeed in doing this, then you will win the gift of 70 lakhs. For this, the hotel doctor only confirms. Only after the doctor’s report the hotel makes its decision.

This honeymoon hotel deals only once in 4 years, which has a lot of crowd in this hotel in the month of February.

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