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Random Facts – Sometimes, we feel more confidences in some of cloth, rather than in some other clothes.

Interesting Facts –The navel is the most dirty part of our body. It contains about 1458 types of bacteria.

Cool Facts – Fiji have a beautiful island whose shape is very similar to the heart.

Weird Facts – We are more likely to see the photos of others on Facebook, We feel that he is a happy when he is not. So that makes us unhappy

True Facts -Rajinikanth used to work as a Porter, Carpenter and Bus conductor before coming to Bollywood.

Unique fact

Amazing Fact – Sachin received the Bharat Ratna Award in 2014, Sachin is the first cricketer to get the country’s highest award.


Random fun Facts –The scorpion produces a child once in his life and dies immediately after it.


Some Amazing Facts –The name of the village of Sibhnagar in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh, India, was changed to snapdel.com. In June 2011. Because Snapdeal had planted 15 handpumps for the people living in that village, due to which the village does not have to go away for drinking water


Intresting Fact. In the English Language, the most definitions word is “Set”.You will not believe there are around 464 Definitions of this single word.


Interesting Fact about World – The world’s highest statue belongs to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel ji. The first Home Minister of India. This is called the Statue of Unity. The height of this statue is 182 meters, which is located in the state of Gujarat, India.


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