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Facts About Titanic :

Once upon a time. Titanic, the world’s largest underwater ship, is itself the biggest mystery of history. Titanic, one of the biggest creations made by humans, was so big that if it were erected. It would be taller than the largest building in the world at that time. With its height and size being huge. The chimneys in Titanic were so large that two trains could pass at a time.

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  • The full name of the Titanic ship was RMS Titanic. Built by the White Star Line Company. The team of 3000 people started making it. More than 250 people suffered injuries while two employees were also killed in making Titanic.
  • Talking about the length of the Titanic, it was as high as 17 goods building. Which would have been the tallest building at that time!
  • The construction of the ship started in North Ireland, whose date is 31 March 1909. Which took about 26 months to make and was completely completed in 1911.
  • After the Titanic is ready, the number of people who come to see it is told in millions.
  • It was granted the first voyage in 1912, almost 9 months after the Titanic was ready, but who knew that the first voyage would be the last voyage of this ship and it would be recorded in the most tragic events in history.

Interesting huh?

  • The Titanic, which left England from 10 April 1912, had 4 days to face the iceberg on its way. At that time Titanic was 640 kilometers away from the Earth.
  • In 2 hours 43 minutes after hitting the iceberg, the Titanic had completely dissolved in the womb of the sea. The sinking speed in the sea was recorded at 16 kilometers per hour.
  • It is said that after 37 seconds of the sighting of the iceberg, the ship collided with it, due to which no one got time to change the direction of the ship. As soon as the iceberg was seen, the officers tried to change the direction of the ship, but the time of 37 seconds was not enough to completely change the direction of such a large ship.
  • Lack of binoculars near the members of the ship also led to hitting the iceberg. The reason for not having binoculars came very shockingly in which it was said that the locker in which the telescope was kept had lost its key.
  • According to the scene in the films filmed on this tragic incident of Titanic, the musicians are also seen playing songs in the last minute, which is based on the true event. Even at the time of Titanic’s drowning, the musician was singing so that he could spend all his and others’ death moments happily.
  • The largest number of people drowning along with the ship was men as women and children were already evacuated from the ship using an emergency boat.
  • In the lifeboat, money was given first place to the people, due to which the number of people traveling in the first class was 60%, after which other people were saved.
  • Out of the 9 dogs on the ship, 2 were also safely removed.
  • Such a large ship was designed to carry 64 emergency boats together, while the number of boats present at the time of the accident was only 20. Because of which such a number of people lost their lives.

More Fact

  • When the ship was immersed in water, the temperature of the water was -2 degrees, in which the time of the person’s life has been estimated for 15 minutes.
  • The whistle sound in the Titanic could only be heard from 16 kilometers away.
  • According to an estimate, there were a total of 2300 people aboard the ship, of which 900 were working on the ship. After the ship collided, 1550 people were drowned and about 750 people were rescued. But only the bodies of 337 people could be found in submerged people.
  • Of the 4 chimneys on Titanic, only 3 chimneys worked, while the fourth chimney was designed to enhance its beauty. The size of these chimneys was so large that two trains could pass through a chimney simultaneously.


  • There were also some people in the Titanic ship who did not want to travel, instead of forcibly sending them from other ships, so that a company called White Star Line does not have to bear the cost of coal.
  • After the sinking of the Titanic, the economy of England also got disturbed because the most traveled people in it were from England.
  • The cost for a person traveling in first-class in Titanic was about 2 lakh 70 thousand. While for second and third-class people, this amount was only 4 thousand and 2 thousand rupees.

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