Expensive Water | Best mineral water in the world

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WATER needs every person, life without water is not possible. While traveling how much you should pay for Water bottle 100, 200 or more than 500 Drinking more expensive water than this seems expensive for the common man. 

Expensive water: But today we will talk about the same luxury water. Which is more expensive than expensive liquor

Actually, it is clean water released from the hills, which the company is reaching you directly by ‘ Babyville Hills ‘. But its price is beyond the reach of the common man. This luxury water bottle has 600 white and 250 black diamonds. This water has been named “Beverly Hills 90 H2O “. Talking about its value in India, it is around 65 lakhs. Expensive water

People who can not buy this bottle do not need to be frustrated. The company is also contemplating that this luxury water is needed but a luxury bottle not available for them also in this market. The company can buy this product from Luxury Hotels, Bars, Luxury Restaurants, Night Club.

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