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Mahabharata war

The Mahabharata, the largest crusade in human history, killed nearly 80% of the people of India. In this battle that lasted for 18 days, korvo and Pandav were in front of them, at the end of which Pandavas defeated the korvo and got their rights. But what happened to the Pandavas? How did Shri Krishna die? What happened with Draupadi? For how long did the Pandavas rule? When did Kaliyuga start? We are not given the answers to such many questions in any book. Mahabharata karna

How Pandavas Died article will talk today, on some similar questions whose responses are not usually given in books and tales. Before Pandavas start dying, let us tell you if you also have other information related to it and you want to share it with us, then you can match it with our comment box or how the Pandwa Died subject.

First, we discuss how’s Pandavas died| Who is sitting on the throne of Hastinapur after the war?

After winning the war in Kurukshetra, the Rajapat of Hastinapur was handed over to Yudhishthira. But Gandhari cursed Krishna that the destruction of his Yaduvansha would definitely be a day. After that Yaduvanshish ruled for Hastinapur for 36 years, but due to the curse of Gandhari, a time came when Yaduvanshi would kill each other. this after Mahabharata war

Lord Krishna’s death was caused by a hunter’s arrows in his foot. There only one place in Krishna’s body where the pain could have passed his life. After which the Dwapar era came to its end time. After Shrikrishna’s death, Rishi Ved Vyas told the Pandavas that the purpose of his birth has now ceased.

Yudhishthar, after listening to Ved Vyas, decided to hand over his kingdom to grandson and all the Pandavas accompanied Draupadi to Paradise. In which he also had a dog with him.

Pandavas died on the way one by one. First of all, Draupadi died and finally, Bhima did not reach any place other than Yudhisthira and dog.

This is Mahabharata summary

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