Dalit woman jumped alive in the fire.

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A scary case has emerged in Murraya in Madhya Pradesh. It is being told that a police team had gone on Tuesday to remove the illegal occupation of Nagaji temple in Porsha district. This team set fire to a Dalit woman’s cottage, after which the woman jumped alive in the same fire. The villagers got angry when they got information about the matter, and they started a ruckus. Also, Porsha Tehsildar took hostage.

This is the case:

here is a temple of Nagaji in Porsa in Marana district. It is being told that some people had been illegally occupied on their land and they were living in huts. On Tuesday, a team of administration was taken away from the occupation. During that time, the Dalit woman Rajabati, who lived in a hut, had sought a two-day extension to remove the hut and remove the goods.

It is being told that the officers ignored Rajabati’s appeal and set fire to his cottage. Rajabatti was scared to see his cottage. After that, She jumped into the burning fire. Seeing this, there was a stir in the people around. The Dalit woman was thrown out in some way, but by then she was scorched 70 percent.

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