Cybercrime? What is a cybercrime

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We are all surrounded by technology in our life. In our everyday life, there is an excellent role in technology like a computer, mobile, and internet. But. In today’s internet era, we often go unknowingly to do whatever works which is a crime. In fact, these crimes CyberCrime is called the real crime is not as dangerous and punishable.

Cyber Crime articles today we’ll talk in detail Cybercrime ( Cyber Crime ) What? How many types is it? How can this be avoided?


Cybercrime law is considered in a simple language, it is a crime which brought damage to any person or entity through a device and the Internet.

Personal information of a person or organization is ransacked. For example, someone might be deleted without any other data of his own volition or if there might be a few changes to this act.

If you have the name of someone fake ID to make it a cybercrime. Anyone with a bank account can get a kick, online any kind of cheat or a task that will cause the other person to suffer from harm and trouble.

In fact, cybercrime is the people who follow a certain way which is trapped by the normal person easily. Cyber ​​Crime In the article, it is known in some way that it is often used by people who commit crimes.


Phishing Method is most commonly used in cybercrime as it can easily be swamped person. In this, Hacker prepares the Duplicate Homepage of the Website. After which the person logs his ID as soon as the user reaches Hacker.

To illustrate, if Hacker wants to hack your Facebook account, then it will create a duplicate page like Facebook Home Page for which it has created a conspiracy to attack you through its codes in the backend, Understand and use it.


Keylogging is a very dangerous technique in cybercrime, in which Hacker learns your keys through software, which of which buttons you are pressing, after which it extracted the ID and Password or other important information from it. For this, the software is remotely or locally installed in your device.


We all have heard a lot of names of the viruses. We also know that it is dangerous for our device but hardly you realize that it can steal your data and reach out to some other person. is. Indeed, behind every Virus, there is a hidden reason for her being hidden. It all depends on its coding.

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This is a way in which the consumer is lured that he has won a lottery of 1 lakh, has won the phone, or any other kind of greed from which the person starts logging on to that page and his personal information Is stolen.

How to survive cybercrime?

In the article ” Cyber ​​Crime” you may have figured out exactly what cybercrime is and how it is done, how hackers lay a trap to trap normal people. Now, it is imperative to question in your mind how do we survive all these things?

Let’s talk about Cyber ​​Crime now on some points that help you prevent cyber criminals.

  • Do not connect your device to the public network. We often get in the greed of free WiFi and connect your device anywhere, which is extremely harmful.
  • Use Anti Virus in your device and keep updating it from time to time. So that Viruses and Warms cannot enter.
  • Use Virtual Keyboards when entering your bank details anywhere so that Keyloggers are vulnerable.
  • The best way to avoid phishing pages is to check the link to that website before logging in to your ID is HTTPS, then it can not be a phishing page.

So it was some things that we can keep in mind by avoiding Cyber ​​Criminals. Hopefully, we got new information from Cyber​​Crime. If you have any information related to cybercrime or to ask questions, do not forget to write in the comment box.

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