Child Labour | World Day Against Child Labor 2019

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Child Labour: Every year on June 12. World Day Against Child Labor is celebrated to remove the children from the swamp of child labor. It was started by the International Labor Organization in the year 2002.

Children should not work in fields but work on dreams’

Disregarding children from their childhood is the biggest cruelty. They lose important time in their lives by working at the age of reading and playing. Even though the voices are raised against it, millions of children still stray in the shadow of ‘Child Labor’. To Fight against Child labor we celebrate today (World Day Against Child Labour).

Every year, on June 12, ‘World Day Against Child Labor’ is celebrated to remove children from the mud of child labor. It was started by the International Labor Organization in the year 2002. The main objective of this worldwide celebration is to focus on the big problem of child labor, to eliminate the economic exploitation of children.

Child Labor

Speaking of statistics, still, 152 million children worldwide are forced to do child labor. Often dangerous tasks are also done to them. On the one hand, we talk about a bright future, while children are largely victims of child labor. They lose their childhood at the time of sports and study.

Due to child wages, their childhood becomes worse, as well as the future is also ruined. The government needs to take strict Action against it, but the responsibility also happens to us all because they are from the people who are wage-laborers, and often we do not even raise voice against it.

Every year a theme is fixed for this day and accordingly, work is done to prevent child labor throughout the world. This year’s theme is ‘Children should not work in fields, but they should work on dreams’.

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