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A very embarrassing case of animal abuse has come to light in Kerala (Kerala). Actually, a pregnant elephant died here on Saturday. According to the information, some locals had fed him a pineapple full of firecrackers. The pineapple burst into the mouth of the female elephant, causing it to be badly injured. This matter is being reported last Wednesday.

This incident is from the Malappuram district of northern Kerala. A forest officer gave information about the incident on his Facebook page. Forest Officer Mohan Krishnan posted on his Facebook page that this female elephant wandered from the forest to a nearby village in search of food. She was roaming the streets. After this, some people fed him pineapple in which there were crackers.

The cracker exploded in elephant mouth and she was badly injured. Despite this, he did not harm anyone in the village. She was very straight. The forest officer further wrote, she was so badly injured that she could not eat anything. In search of food, she reached the Velliyar river and stood in the river. He may have got relief by pouring his mouth in the water.

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A pregnant elephant died:- On getting the information about the elephant, the forest department staff arrived to rescue him. After much effort, he was taken out of the water but died on Saturday.

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