Amazing disabled photographer without hand or legs

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Disable Photographer without hands & legs :

Amazing disabled photographer without hand and feet

An Amazing disabled photographer– Often people lose their limbs due to an accident in life, or rather they are forced to compromise. Because of accidents. But today we are talking about a man who sent on this earth without Hand & foot. 24-year-old Achmad zulkarnain, living in Indonesia, is a successful photographer today, but do you know that
Achmad zulkarnain switch on his camera on the help of the mouth? Julkarnain is disabled by birth, but today he is the King of Photography.

Achmad zulkarnain Photograhy without hand and feet

pro photography

In the world of models, the famous Achmad zulkarnain capture very special images that speaks itself. Along with that, Julukarnain operates a laptop himself, which is a matter of curiosity in itself.
Zulkarnain is the owner of a company named DZOEL.

L et’s see this video photographer without hands and feet, where Achmad zulkarnain is looking forward to taking photographs.

I respect him very much and I am very much inspired by him

Some picture Achmadzul zulkarnain Took

disabled photographer 5
working hard
disabled photographer 6
even i can’t do this with my hand
disabled photographer 3
lovely photography
amazing disabled photographer  1
in the love with nature

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