100 Top Useful Website list [2020] For blogging

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useful website list- Internet. Which has millions of websites, there are some websites which can be very useful for you but you do not know about them.

I am sharing a list of such useful websites, hopefully, you will definitely get to know about many useful websites.

Most Useful Website

  1. archive.is- With the help of this website, you can do a screenshot of any website online, which is always for us, even if the original page has been shaken.
  2. Autodra.com – Online you can create doodles by downing anything freely.
  3. Fast.com – You can check the speed of your internet with this.
  4. Slides.com – With the help of this website, you can share your presentation anywhere on any device.
  5. screenshot.guru – Take a full-page screenshot of any website.
  6. dictation.io – You can use this website for typing by speaking to Google DOS, its information is here.
  7. reverse.photo – To search Google, match photos from any photo, you can use this website.
  8. copychar.cc – From this website, you can copy any special variables and emojis. Which are not included in the normal keyword?
  9. codeacademy.com – This is the best site to learn to code.
  10. noisli.com – You can use this website for noise to do your work with focus.
  11. iconfinder.com – From this website, you can download any icon.
  12. Jotti.org – Can scan any file without any virus. Here is the detail of how to check the online virus.
  13. wolframalpha.com – Here you can find answers to any of your questions without searching.
  14. flightstats.com – You can view the status of any flight in the world.
  15. unsplash.com – here you can download free images.
  16. videos.pexels.com – This best website is for free stock videos, which we can do to make videos.
  17. everytimezone.com – You can see the time of any location in the world on this website.
  18. random.org – This website can be used to select random numbers.
  19. Grammarly – With the help of this website you can correct your Grammar Mistakes. You must install their browser extension in your browser
  20. new.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont – The text on top of any image can find which font it is.

These 20 useful website blow your mind

  1. fonts.google.com – Here you will find a very large open source font collection that you can use.
  2. fontstruct.com – you can create your own font by drawing
  3. alligraphr.com – You can convert your handwriting to a font.
  4. exif.regex.info – You can check the hidden data of any image.
  5. www.youtube.com/webcam – can go live on a direct computer.
  6. remotedesktop.google.com – Remote access from one computer to another.
  7. homestyler.com – Designing and decorating a home can be seen here in 3D.
  8. pdfescape.com – Direct edit PDF in an online browser
  9. Draw.io – Diagram, Chart, Flow Graph can all be done.
  10. web.skype.com – Skype calls can be made from the direct browser.
  11. neocr.net – Reduct online text from PDF.
  12. wetransfer.com – Easily share large files online.
  13. File.pizza – Can transfer Peer to Peer File. In which Direct file goes from one computer to another without uploading online.
  14. snap drop – Transfer File on Same Network
  15. hundredzeros.com – You can download Kindle Book for free.
  16. noteflight.com – can create music notes online.
  17. translate.google.com – Translate any language into any language.
  18. kleki.com – Can create online painting and sketches.
  19. similarsites.com – Find a website related to any website.
  20. bubbl.us – Share your ideas by creating a mind map.

Color and HTML type useful website

  1. color.adobe.com – You can take color ideas and find out the color of any photo.
  2. canva.com – create online photos and posters
  3. imgtfy.com – Can give a demo to search in google.
  4. betamidomi.com – You can find the name of any song.
  5. history.google.com – a complete history of what you searched on Google. More Google search tricks are here.
  6. faxzero.com – send an online fax for free.
  7. tinychat.com – Create your own online chat room.
  8. privnote.com – create text notes that will be automatically deleted after reading.
  9. godaddy.com – The Best Domain Register Site Where You Can Register Domains.
  10. squoosh.app – Compress the image The site also works offline.
  11. downforeveryoneorhustme.com – Check any website if it is down
  12. gtmetrix.com – check website performance, how much is the speed
  13. gtmetrix.com – check the details of any website, hosting, emails else what things have been used
  14. urbandictionary.com – Find the definition of any work.
  15. eatguru.com – check the seats of any flight
  16. flightstats.com – Check the flight stocks of the world.
  17. mymaps.google.com – Create and customize your own customized make and pin.
  18. snopes.com check the offer mail and find out if it is real or not
  19. typingweb.com – increase typing speed by practicing online typing
  20. note.google.com – can be saved by writing todo list and note.

World best social site.

  1. instructable.com – Step by step guide to making anything.
  2. QR-code-scanner.blogspot.com – scan the QR code online.
  3. marvelapp.com – Create makeups of any photo and website.
  4. slide.ly – create videos for marketing.
  5. htmlmail.pro – send design mail in HTML
  6. thewirecutter.com – the best product recommendation site, what we need and what we need.
  7. camelcamelcamel.com – Set a price alert for the Amazon site.
  8. asciiflow.com – Draw in ASCII code and design.
  9. 10minutemail.com – Create temporary mail to avoid spam mails
  10. whereami – address of any people in Google map
  11. apify.com Clone any website into HTML.
  12. thunkable.com – make Android apps without coding.
  13. Zerodollarmovie.com – Free Movies ka Collection of YouTube
  14. Fiverr – Do any work online.
  15. duckduckgo.com – is a search engine that does not track our data
  16. Google.com- World biggest search engine you can search for anything
  17. facebook.com – world biggest social networking site you can chat here with your friend
  18. Instagram – world best social network for image sharing

Create or designing website.

  1. note.hindimehelp.com – online note in which you can write anything and this data is saved in the browser, even after closing
  2. talltweets.com – convert Google slides to GIFs and share them on Twitter
  3. ifttt.com – You can content any app online.
  4. talltweets.com – convert Google slides into GIFs and share them on Twitter
  5. ifttt.com – You can content any app online.
  6. gistgithub.com – can create a secret anonymous note.
  7. flipanim.com – Can do the animated drawing.
  8. powtoon.com – Create animated cartoon videos.
  9. clyp.it – ​​record voice and upload online without creating an account
  10. carrd.co – Design a one-page fully responsive website.
  11. spark.adobe.com – Make a presentation video with your voice.
  12. anchor.fm – Easily record podcasts, and publish
  13. duolingo.com – learn any other language
  14. webmakerapp.com – Website designing can be done in HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  15. pixton.com – Create your own character by creating a comic book
  16. designer.gravit.io – Can create vector drawings.
  17. Twitterbots – Create your own Twitter Bot that will follow your reply DM
  18. headspace.com – learn to meditate, and improve your nature
  19. class-central.com – All the free courses in the world will be found here
  20. artsandculture.google.com – You can find museums and popular paintings of the world

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